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美國熱銷 評鑑家回饋


Drinking Haitian coffee, it’s like drinking coffee from 200 years ago.” Douglas W., A fourth generation of Haitian farmer

飲用海地咖啡就像是喝200年前的傳統咖啡。Douglas W. 海地第四代務農者 


"I loved, loved, loved it…It was like a coffee I dreamed of in the morning…The smell matched the taste." A. Olexy, Talula's Garden-USA

我愛它,它是我每天早上必喝的咖啡…它的氣味和喝起來的口味一致。 A. Olexy, 來自美國塔魯拉的花園(Talula's Garden)



"It's the best coffee I've ever tasted…This is like having a coffee from 300 years ago…I think this could grow into a billion-dollar industry for Haiti."

Todd C.,La Colombe- USA

它是我嚐過最棒的咖啡,飲用海地咖啡就像是喝300年前的傳統咖啡,它可能為海地成長至10億元的產業。Todd C., 美國鴿派黨員 (La Colombe)


''It's been a tremendous, tremendous seller for us…We have run out every time we have been able to put it into our stores.'' Pamela S., Marketing manager at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen-USA

海地咖啡賣得非常的好,只要一補貨就賣光了。巴尼的咖啡餐廳(Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen)行銷經理Pamela S.



''When we first started purchasing it, we didn't know how it would sell. Then it took off…We have carried it a little over a year, and it's just a delicious coffee.'' Scott Y., Store Manager at Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen-USA

當我們第一次採購時,並不知海地咖啡會暢銷。 然後就開始大賣了… 我們採購一年多,它就是很好喝的咖啡。巴尼的咖啡餐廳(Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen) 店長Scott Y..



"This has a beautiful after taste, there is nothing that dries your mouth outIt lingers nicely. It stays elegant. It's soft but expands in your mouth.Gabriel K., Chef at Danny Meyer's Modern restaurant-USA

入喉後味道香醇,不絕於口。 回韻純香,優雅柔和的在口中拓散。丹尼市長(Danny Meyer's)的餐廳主廚Gabriel K.



No product in this category